All that I know is that I know nothing
— Socrates

I left my home country Belgium at the age of 28 to pursue life, and continued to do so every day with purpose.

The reoccurring theme in my life is people, their behavior, their culture, their motivation. Their progress and seeing people reaching their goals drives my ambition in life. Hence, I spent most of my professional years in the one field that is build to affect people: Education. In Belgium, I taught vocational high-school children; in Japan, i worked with all ages from kindergarten to senior citizens and businessmen, while in New York I started with TOEFL instruction to slowly move into educational leadership roles at Kaplan International Centers and EC English Centres. 

Through time, my focus shifted from students to instructors to business leaders and working professionals, aiming to trigger their coaching skills & expand their people knowledge to share my vision & tools to their environments. 

The academic world was (and still kinda is) my natural habitat. As a continuous learner, I received my BA in education at a Teachers’ College in Ghent (Belgium), my MA in TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Language) at New York University, and finally my MBA at ESADE Business School in Barcelona. Additionally, I seek to expand my knowledge through online learning platforms, language tools, and books on topics related to growth, organizational behavior, and positive psychology, all of which become foundations for the workshops and lectures developed at The i Project.

During the MBA, I joined a team of exceptional talents to develop 2 start-ups:, an Innovation Consultancy, and Meaningful Institute, an HR Solution & Community Developer in the arena of Social Innovation & Change Management, where we leverage our diverse cultural and professional backgrounds, showcase our creative talents, and facilitate growth processes.

The courses, workshops and lectures stem from these accumulated experiences and provide  in addition to personal reflections on the journey, the tools and techniques to drive innovation,  integrity, insights, and inspirational change for your personal life, and your organization. It is a story of ‘i’.

Yours truly,


Jim De koning

Creative Thinker - Innovator - People Investor

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