To new beginnings...

After a wonderful journey exploring the entrepreneurial life, the time has come to connect all the knowledge and experiences I have encountered, and share them in the best possible way.

This blog aims to be a sound board of the various aspects The I Project claims to be. It will focus on revolutionizing education, on examples of true creativity, on behavioral insights of people and cultures, and finally a display of talented change makers, whom I encounter along the way.

On education, the focus will be on developing a joint manifest to re-think the structure of the education system, its purpose, its goals, and to finally propose a new system equipped to the needs of the 21st century.

On creativity, we will highlight examples from people who push the boundaries in creativity, from artists, to global leaders, to social innovators. Additionally, we will share useful tools and techniques to integrate creativity in your institutions.

On behavioral insights, we will share insights from research and literature exploring the boundaries of our 'being', our drivers, our chemical processes. Additionally, we focus on 'perspectives', on how people relate to each other, to different cultures and belief systems.

On talent, we showcase talented people who have, or are on their way to, discover their true potential, who took a leap, followed their drive, and are closing in on their true potential. This section aims to be a honorary salute to them. They are the drivers of tomorrow, and our inspiration.

All in all, this blog will at times be incredibly intelligent or utterly dumb, it will provoke or nod along, it will be even be completely wrong and in need for major editing. This is part of the process. The aim is to speak the mind, highlight people's accomplishments and inspire positive change.