Innovation is progress. Engagement is key. Diversity is rich.

The i Project provides high-quality consulting in distinct areas: Innovation, (digital) Community Engagement, Organizational structure and Internationalization . Through our laser focus on these areas, we deliver high-class solutions that push the limits, provoke change and disrupt the status-quo.

In the area of Innovation, we explore impactful growth opportunities and build a sustainable path for the future through a focus on the DNA of your organization and future trends. We inspire and train the local team on creativity and innovation tools to continue the work after we leave. We think forward. We talk forward. We walk forward.

Community engagement is the key to sustainable business. Through a client-centered approach we jointly search for ways to attract, retain and involve your customers, especially in the fast-evolving digital world; to have them care about you, and to make them become your loyal advocates.

The I project believes in teams and collaboration to excel to the next level and stay relevant in the market place. To do so, we need to adopt an organizational culture that supports risk-taking, offers forgiveness, celebrates successes and has the flexibility to move fast in different directions while staying focused on efficiency and results. We provides companies with a outside perspective to align different mindsets, support an organizational change and instill a lasting culture as the new foundation for success.

We aspire a a glocal mindset (global + local) and pursue the richness of diversity to drive growth and spread internationally. We assist organizations in exploring, assessing and leveraging their diversity, or designing meaningful ways to commence an internationalization process and build an international network.

Engagement Journeys & Experiences Design

The i Project creates personalized state-of-the-art learning & development programs based on your needs and purpose.

Through a participative process, we propose a suitable & customizable solution to your learning and development issues. We can even thrown in the logistics, if need be.

In sum, you give us the participants, purpose, theme and time. We deliver the program & the evaluation.

In the past we have designed a 2-week transformative journey in Brazil, a weekend on collaboration in Spain, and 5-day camps on topics such as privacy, art and culture.

Our core flow is an iterative, values-based process based on design thinking methods, strategy consulting tools, risk assessment and trends analysis. 

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