Design thinking is neither art nor science nor religion. It is the capacity, ultimately, for integrative thinking
— Tim Brown - Change by Design

Experience Design Thinking to improve your world


Design Thinking is a highly effective creative problem solving method applied in various industries in product design to service design.  The method has been successfully applied to improve customer experiences at entertainment parks and restaurants, education systems in South-America, kitchen tool sets, marketing campaigns, architecture and social innovation.

At The i Project we use Design Thinking not only as a method but as a life philosophy that helps us create more effectively with less resources and higher impact.


Design Thinking is a useful tool or philosophy for everyone from young children to elderly, from entrepreneurs to executive teams, from parents to teachers.

Ideally, we provide the workshop to existing or future teams, especially with the notion to drive innovation and instill creativity within the organization. For example, school/NGO management teams, business developers and managers with their teams, parent teams, teenagers and college students. 


Workshop 1 - (90 minutes)

Highly intense workshop where participants will experience a rapid design loop using a common product or experience. 

Workshop 2 - (3 hours)

  • Workshop 1 + additional review & discussion
  • Toolkit activities - additional exercises

Seminar - (1 day or 2 half days)

  • Step-by-step design loop related to your organization
  • toolkit & resources
  • results & applications
  • presentation skills

Consulting / Training & Development (tbd - min. 15 hours)

  • 360 assessment
  • Workshop 1
  • Applied Design Thinking to your organizational needs
  • Step-by-step in-depth Design Thinking curriculum & workshops 
    • Empathize/Observe
    • Define
    • Ideate
    • Prototype
    • Test
  • KPIs & Evaluation
  • Integrating Design Thinking into your culture




For more information or to organize a session, send an email to jimdk2001(at) or call (208) 901 0288.