The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.
— Walt Disney

The Basics of Entrepreneurship for the curious


The Entrepreneurship workshop is like an hands-on Start-up 101 class for beginners. The focus is on understanding and playing with some basic start-up tools, buzzwords, and techniques to explore your entrepreneurial self.  

With Start-ups popping up left and right, and the traditional career trajectory being shaken and challenged, entrepreneurship has become the trend to experiment and test your limits and creativity. We strongly believe the entrepreneurial mindset should be part of our education system to teach our children self-determination, resourcefulness and commitment. Given it is not (yet), the i Project steps in. We provide the beginner's workshop to school environments and individuals, or small groups, from all ages.

Who knows where it will lead you...


The entrepreneurial mindset is great for all walks of life. We would recommend the workshop to groups of individuals (mothers, dads, hobbyists, families) who want to explore the field and possibly build something together. Another category would be for employees at companies to explore the mindset as a way to drive new business ideas.

Finally, the workshop is great for students (grade 7-12), and higher education students to discover the entrepreneur in them, and explore self-directed career paths.

WORKSHOP (3 hrs)

Depending on the audience and their existing knowledge, we will highlight or practice specific aspects of the mindset to give participants a first taste. These aspects include:

  • What is entrepreneurship? Intrapreneurship?
  • Canvas Model
  • Market research
  • Lean Thinking
  • Financial Projections
  • Pitching an idea
  • Building a team
  • The Business Plan
  • Funding a business

The workshop can be broken down into a 10-session course, where we'll take the participants from an idea to a complete business plan. In that case, we'll expand on valuation, raising capital, marketing plan, legal and administrative concerns, patents and copyrights, etc

For more information or to organize a session, send an email to jimdk2001(at) or call (208) 901 0288.