Be + Do = Have

You are an amazing person!

You truly are. Maybe few people actually tell you, or maybe you don't always feel that 'successful' or 'amazing', but let's be honest. You are great!

So, let's make you even GREATER and expose your greatness. Maybe not necessarily to the outside world (if that's not your thing), but let's make you feel accomplished, acknowledged and on your path to YOUR goals and aspirations. We all have reachable dreams and make plans to do things differently tomorrow, next week, next month... and then life happens, we get busy and distracted, put if off for another day or week, until we realize months later that those beautiful plans ended up in a storage bin in your garage waiting to be unpacked with next year's New Year resolution. I say we unpack them today, unravel them, split them up in smaller parts, put in manageable milestones and tackle hurdles together. Let's make the 'I' flourish and let you tell your story. Let's HAVE. 

In our coaching sessions, we combine effective coaching techniques and personal development methods and add Design Thinking to the mix. We bring in time-tested exercises highlighting your potential and believes, we'll draw a lot (stick figures tell awesome stories), stick post-it notes everywhere, and develop a step-by-step plan to get you to your goal. And deal with that annoying resistance holding us back. Oh, and we'll have a good laugh along the way and enjoy your successes one at a time.

Typically, coaching sessions are for individuals so we can really focus on the 'I', but we've worked with couples and small groups to get them on aligned paths of success. So, if you and your partner/friends have similar goals, we'll just increase the amount of fun, draw even more, and add some other group techniques to get the ball rolling.

Don't wait until tomorrow to get started. Let's DO.

For more information or to organize a session, send an email to jimdk2001(at) or call (208) 901 0288.