A story can go where quantitative analysis is denied admission: our hearts. Data can persuade people but it doesn’t inspire them to act; to do that, you need to wrap your vision in a story that fires imagination and stirs the soul.
— Harrison Monarth

learn to influence and persuade the people around you in the most effective way  


Described as one of the most powerful tools to engage people, sell your products and services, or influence people, Storytelling is a highly desirable and impactful skill in our (professional) lives. 

In the lecture, participants enhance their knowledge on the Storytelling-concept, including success stories, basic types and structures, biological impact, and some key techniques.

The final purpose of the workshop is to develop a complete story ready for you or your business. Through various activities participants explore their storytelling skills, develop their characteristics, and finally perform their new stories as seasoned professionals.

The 1- or 2-day seminar goes beyond the boundaries of storytelling, and provides in-depth practice and techniques to perfect your story, while work on your presentation skills.


The lecture, workshop and seminar are useful to all walks of life. Executive teams will be benefit as way to align and innovate their culture, mid- & senior managent as a coaching & communication tool, and employees as a skill- or teambuilding activities. The session is also ideal for startups, entrepreneurs or marketing teams to brand their business and pitch their story. Finally, the Art of Storytelling is a purposeful session for university and college students aiming to sell their personal brand on the market.


Storytelling - (90 min)

  • What is story-telling
  • Types of stories & templates
  • Aristotle's plots
  • Importance of Storytelling
  • The biology behind storytelling
  • Story & Speech Structures
  • Using visuals
  • Characteristics of persuasive stories
  • The (wo)man behind the story
  • Storytelling for business  - Personal storytelling
  • Performing the story
  • Tricks & Techniques

+ Workshop - (3hrs)

  • Understanding the audience
  • The Golden Circle
  • Develop your characters
  • Making a point
  • Designing the context
  • Defining the barriers
  • Develop your storyboard
  • The power of 3
  • Climax & anti-climax
  • Speech, rhythm & intonation
  • Evaluation & Feedback

Seminar - (all day to 2-days)

  • Lecture
  • In-depth analysis
  • Workshop
  • Building characters & storylines
  • Separating bad from perfect
  • Eye for details
  • Focused development


For more information or to organize a session, send an email to jimdk2001(at)yahoo.com or call (208) 901 0288.