Our Vision

a creative & sustainable community of hyper-self leaders

Our Mission

To stimulate people, communities and organizations to reach their fullest potential

Our Values

We share what we know & give before we take

We do what we can

We say 'yes'

We embrace diversity & vulnerability

We mindfully think longterm

We take full responsibility


the value of a network is proportional to the square of the number of connected users of the system (n2).
— Metcalf's Law of telecommunication Networks

The I project Explained

The i Project has only one overarching ambition: driving positive change. Therefore, i can stand for many things as you see fit depending on your situational needs and objectives.

Although it might sound presumptuous to put i in the center  - the negative marker of individualism - , we find the ‘i’ to be the starting point. Note that we advocate collectivism, collaboration, sharing and respecting diversity. Yet, it all starts from you, the ‘i’.  Without a self-respecting, liberated, self-aware and mindful ‘i’, there can never be a successful and achieving ‘we’. The success of We depends on the individual characteristics of the ‘i’s.

To exemplify the importance of ‘i’, let us give you a couple situations. During school time when rankings or grades were posted in the hallway, whose grade did you look for first, before scanning the top grades? In a statistical comparison among countries, which country do you look for first? The most apparent example, however, are pictures. On a family picture or class renion picture, who do you see first? 

We are not saying that others are not important. We only claim that the most important person is you, your challenges, your concerns and your future. 

However, ‘i’ stands for much more.

I stands for Innovation. We believe in progress, in moving forward day-by-day, step-by-step. In order to do so we need to continuously re-invent ourselves and our surroundings, we need to observe and empathize, and we need to challenge the paradigms and status-quo.

I stands for Inspiration & Ignition. We need inspiration. We need to be ignited to unlock our talents and create goals. Every day we are surrounded by triggers that have the potential to inspire us. We just have to look around and be mindful.

I stands for Inquisitiveness. Over time we lose our natural curiosity that drove most of our child years. It is, however, this inquisitiveness that facilitates your growth and opens opportunities. Embrace curiosity.

I stands for Integrity. Respect yourself, be honest to yourself, take responsibility for who you are and your life. Don’t sell yourself cheap or give up. We believe in pursuing your gut feeling with grit, and in learning from your mistakes.

I also stands for Involvement, Intelligence, Inclusion, Introspect, Intrinsic, Inert, etc etc. All words that have a personal connotation and drive the undercurrents of this project. Feel free to give 'i' the meaning your prefer.

In the end, it all boils down to one factor: ‘i’.

If you feel I am talking to you or that you can contribute to this project, send us an email at jimdk2001@yahoo.com. We are always looking for contributing 'i's to create a collaborative and creative world, where the impossible becomes reachable.