Reaching one's highest potential starts with Ignition, something that lights the fire, that triggers the change, that sets you on your growth path.

The below workshops and lectures have the power to initiate this trigger. What we are telling is not new or revolutionary. How we are telling it, is. Most of the 'knowledge' we share stems from books available to anyone, and our experiences. However, we turn this content into a applicable, interactive and thought-provoking workshops adjusted to your organization.

The themes below are flexible in time and format, and can be adapted according to your needs. Whether you prefer a 90-min lecture, a workshop, an intense series of change-making workshops or a 2-day seminar, we can adapt accordingly. Explain us your needs and we'll propose the solution.

For personal coaching sessions on the below topics, please email us at jimdk2001(at)

Our current workshops

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